September 23, 2018 — A new SAP Next-Gen Chapter has been opened recently at the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech). The SAP Next-Gen Chapter at GUtech will support members of SAP University Alliances across Oman in educating SAP ready graduates as the next generation digitally savvy leaders and to help SAP customers accelerate into becoming intelligent enterprises.
SAP is dedicated to launching Next-Gen Chapters across the Middle East and North Africa to support youth empowerment,” said Wissam Kadi, Global Director of SAP Next-Gen Labs. “As a Next-Gen member, GUtech is enabling Omani youth to lead nationwide digital transformation, and support sustainable economic, social, and environmental development. The Next-Gen Chapter will encourage student projects using SAP technologies to accelerate digital innovation linked to purposeful outcomes aligned with the 17 UN Global Goals.” Continued Kadi.

SAP Next-Gen Chapter at GUtech will serve as a lighthouse multiplier of SAP alliances and will be among the first group of SAP Next-Gen Chapters in the EMEA region that will collaborate with the University Competence Centre at Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg, to support other members of SAP University Alliances in Oman with up-skilling faculty members for industrial and manufacturing development.

GUtech has joined the SAP University Alliances in July 2018. “We are honored to be host the SAP Next-Gen Chapter at our campus and confident that our Computer Sciences, Engineering, Geosciences, International Business and Logistics students will benefit from SAP best practices through inspiring them to contribute in solving industry-related challenges.” Commented Dr. Hussain Al Salmi, Vice-Rector for Administration and Finances at GUtech.

The SAP Next-Gen Chapter at GUtech is tasked with sharing best practices through connecting industry partners with Computer Science, Logistics and Engineering faculties at GUtech to reimagine the development of industrial and manufacturing sectors in Oman with SAP solution for a digital future.

“GUtech launching a Next-Gen chapter is a major milestone for Oman Vision 2040’s nationwide digital transformation,” said Waheed Al Hamaid, Country Manager, SAP Oman. “Oman’s youth are eager to use technology to make a difference in the world. As a Next-Gen member, GUtech can exchange global best practices, connect students to innovative projects, and foster youth job creation.”
SAP Next-Gen-Lab is a co-creation between academia, students and the industry. It is a working space built on design-thinking principles to stimulate and encourage innovative thinking, collaboration and knowledge-sharing. The faculty members of the department of Logistics at GUtech has already identified avenues for its students to benefit from SAP solutions offered by SAP Next-Gen-Lab at GUtech.

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