Guest of honor : Mr. Dr, Salim Bin Saleem Al Junaiby from Vice Chairman for Economic and Branches Affairs OCC Branch at Al Wusta Governorate.

Our associate : Mr. Khalfan from Ala Hounak Traffic Awareness Campaign.

Other Guests :

  • Khalifa and Mr. Fahad from PDO
  • Ramesh from OPAL
  • ZAKARIA from ministry of manpower
  • Sheikh Saleem honorable chairman of Al Khalij and Galfar.

Our Event was inaugurated by His Highness _Dr, Salim Bin Saleem Al Junaiby >. Dr, Salim Bin Saleem Al Junaiby then visited all the stalls operated at AK including PDO,ROP etc and was briefed by the concerned depts. Welcome speech conducted by Al Khalij CEO Mr. Rajkumar Urf Iqbal Ahmed.

SAFETY IS NOT NEGOTAITBLE –ITS WAY OF LIFE this is responsibility of every one –the campaign must continue in Oman for the workers, people ,child, and all human with out compromising.

The safety champion’s must be authorized by the support of top Management to carry out the duty without any restriction and HSE Adviser must be treated as Messenger of Safety and they must be also recognized time to time by industries as part of business.

Safety is MONDETORY part of business & also a part of day to day life & Alkhalij is committed to ensure safety in business must be with zero tolerance.

Events held for “we care 2018”

  • Rollover live experience and seat belts simulator by SHEIDA (PDO)
  • TRAFFIC rule and road safety awareness presentations by ROP and ALA HOUNAK campaign.
  • HSE guideline and environment awareness was held by MINISTRY OF MANPOWER (OHSE)
  • First aid and safety of family awareness. Held by safety cooperation services
  • HEALTH CHECKUP- blood pressure and blood sugar test by BADR AL SAAMA HOSPITALS.
  • Food and beverage by AL TASNIM CATERING.

School children’s  also participated for safety awareness and drawing competition also being organized to draw about safety sign and safety pictures.

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