Maintenance in the oil and gas industry is a costly challenge for asset owners; as a result, cost-effective corrosion and abrasion resistant coatings for pipelines and associated assets are in high demand, particularly in the Middle East, where various environmental factors accelerate the corrosion of metal components.

Oxifree’s Active Corrosion Thermoplastic (ACT) coating TM198® makes maintenance in the field more affordable for asset owners. Oxifree TM198® is an organic, patent protected active corrosion thermoplastic coating and is proven to extend the life cycle of components and reduce maintenance costs by at least 40%. It protects metal components from corrosion and contamination, acting as a barrier for sand abrasion, dust ingress, galvanic pitting and atmospheric corrosion.

Oxifree Global has selected Al Ghalbi as its representative for Oman due to their professional, diligent and innovative commitment to the increasing needs of the Industrial sector and ICV in Oman.

Earlier in September 2018 Oxifree and Al Ghalbi conducted a lunch and learn hosted by PDO Knowledge World. Representatives from Operators & Contractors of Oman including PDO, Daleel Petroleum, ORPIC, Port of Duqm, Petrofac Oman, STS/ Tebodin, OOCEP etc.. received a comprehensive presentation and practical demonstration on how TM198® works and the quick and easy application.

Feedback was very positive from all who attended. Oxifree Global and Al Ghalbi look forward to the future success in the region.

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