OPAL has partnered with IOSH to raise awareness on Occupational Cancer. Cancer caused by work claims the lives of 666,000 people a year worldwide – that’s one death every 47 seconds. Therefore we are launching “No Time to Lose campaign” on occupational cancer in order to recognize 50+ work-related carcinogens – focusing on a “top five”:

  • Diesel engine exhaust emissions
  • Solar radiation
  • Silica
  • Shiftwork
  • Asbestos

NTL Campaign aims for:

raising awareness of a significant health issue employees facing suggesting some solutions on how to tackle the problem offering free, practical, original materials to businesses to help them deliver effective prevention programmes

To tackle this significant issue, we’d really welcome your involvement and we are encouraging as many organizations as possible to sign up to our pledge at

Join the growing number of businesses who have pledged to prevent occupational cancer.The pledge takes the form of a six–point action plan. You can use it to reflect either what you’re already doing to identify and manage workplace carcinogenic exposures, or what you plan to do.Each pledge remains anonymous, but we do ask organizations who have made a pledge to be identified via their logo on our website. When you’ve made your pledge, we will send you an IOSH certificate demonstrating your commitment. We believe that OPAL members may benefit from ‘No Time to Lose’ links and materials to spearhead the awareness and feedback OPAL on their success stories in 2017.

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch.Please use the following link to download “No Time to Lose campaign” brochure

Click here to download No Time to Lose campaign brochure