IVMS Evaluator


OPAL requires a SME (Subject Matter Expert) company possessing the expertise to evaluate IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System) provider companies through formal checks and evaluation process for initial approval and intermittent audits to determine their eligibility, quality assurance and to approve or disqualify IVMS service provision in Oil and Gas sector in compliance with OPAL Road Safety Standard (OPAL-STD-HSE 02-R0).

Salient requirements for IVMS Evaluation company:

  • The company MUST be registered and licensed in Oman in executing similar work function or possessing experience.
  • Must have an office based in Oman and the company registered (C.R) for the service provider as per Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Must be an OPAL member with active status during the provision of the service.
  • Should possess relevant/recognized business authorization or certifications in the respective service area.
  • Must have the expertise to perform the evaluation due diligently.
  • They represent OPAL without any bias or favor while executing the service.
  • The auditing company MUST NOT be in the IVMS supply and service or IVMS associated hardware or software solution business or dealership to prevent COI.

Evaluator Qualifications: 

  • The evaluator must be conversant with all legal requirements relevant to the service provider.
  • Must be familiar with OPAL Road safety Standard and IVMS vendor requirements Annexures.
  • The evaluator should have the educational qualification in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Knowledgeable on tracking system (Programming / Tracking or monitoring), IVMS, Low voltage automobile system/Vehicles Electronics, IVMS programming devices.
  • Should have minimum 5 years work experience in the similar work environment and cover multiple types of IVMS Systems.
  • Should pass minimum two years “cooling off” period, if SME (company or person) was working as a provider, consultant and/or employee of IVMS company with agent, subsidiary and/or registered company in Oman

Scope Of Work:

  1. The evaluation requirements shall refer to the OPAL Road Safety Standard and relevant annexures. OPAL IVMS audit process, procedure, and the checklist shall be used for the evaluation.
  2. The delivery of service will be on-call basis whenever the evaluation or spot verifications is required by OPAL, although the contract will be awarded for a specified period or duration.
  3. Evaluation company is responsible and accountable for the IVMS evaluation process and must honor the contractual binding between the evaluation company and OPAL and the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed between the parties.
  4. IVMS Provider (auditee) shall sign NOC (No Objection Contract) to ensure that they agree with the evaluation process and results.
  5. IVMS Evaluator can communicate with the auditee for preparing for the evaluation and obligated to use OPAL compliant vehicle, driver, equipment and tools for the evaluation purpose.
  6. Logistics and accommodation for the evaluation outside Muscat is the responsibility of the IVMS Evaluator Company and OPAL coordinate for all necessary supports required in the concession /blocks with the respective Operator. The auditing company will bear the cost of the logistics and accommodation.
  7. As per the advice of OPAL, IVMS Evaluator will proceed with the evaluation of IVMS provider.
  8. The IVMS Evaluator may include one or more IVMS companies at a time for evaluation.
  9. The IVMS Evaluator has the right to decide Who; When and Where to implement the evaluation under the guidance of OPAL.
  10. Shall evaluate the IVMS device Hardware and software or platform to ensure it has the adequate capability in meeting OPAL minimum requirements.
  11. May request any information related to IVMS Hardware; Software; IVMS Data or any other information which may support the evaluator in the evaluation process.
  12. The evaluation shall involve a desk-top review of the information furnished by the IVMS provider.
  13. IVMS Evaluator may connect /Disconnect IVMS device or accessories for evaluation purpose.
  14. IVMS Evaluator shall perform the real-time test using a vehicle fitted with one or more working IVMS devices and connected to a server to assess the response to commands of IVMS checking points while driving (Reference to IVMS Settings document). Must record all such evaluation commands of physical test and must be documented. All such commands and its responses shall be post evaluated from the system-generated reports to verify performance.
  15. The final evaluation report of the successful vendors shall be supported with objective evidence of performance assessment. Non-compliant IVMS must be recorded with reasons of failure stated with clarity.
  16. The report shall indicate the evaluation attempt number and to direct the service provider for the repeat of the evaluation with time-frame, if eligible for reassessment.
  17. The evaluator shall send the report to OPAL only.
  18. Auditee (IVMS provider) shall receive the final status report from OPAL.

Deliverables of Approved Evaluation company:

  1. Present a robust process and procedure to perform evaluation and compliance checks at approval/re-approval stage and spot checks intermittently. The process shall be approved by OPAL prior to performing the audit.
  2. The said process and procedure above shall fully comply with the OPAL Road Safety Standard and associated guidelines and/or sub-standard.
  3. Must have a periodical evaluation plan and planned spot check assignments.
  4. Each IVMS evaluation and approval to be reported to OPAL and uploaded to OPAL system database.
  5. IVMS evaluation records must be maintained at least for a minimum period of 3 years either as hard or soft copies or both.