OPAL Products and Services

Training for Employment (TFE)

Training for Employment programs are dedicated scheme that contributes to promoting and supporting Omanization through addressing the need of basic skills for school leavers and graduates to secure suitable employment opportunities with good prospects in the private sector. OPAL has secured employment for over 10,000 Omanis since its inception and aims to continue support Omanisation with the blessing of the government.

Training for Development (TFD)

Training for Development programmes dedicated towards improvement of Human Resources Professional. However, the OPAL TFD Programme contribute towards raising the bar of the professional of all functions and skills across the oil & gas industry. TFD includes Workshops and Seminars on diverse relevant topics and aims at enriching human capabilities.

OPAL Best Practices Awards

The objective of OPAL’s Best Practice Award (BPA), is to bring the best performing members to limelight and disseminate their achievements across the industry. The event also provides the opportunity to other members to emulate their counterparts and to encourage them to compete in such proactive developments. The award covers seven different aspects such as Omanisation, Health & Safety, Environment, Energy Transition, Operational Excellence, Research &Development (R&D) and Omani Products and Services.

OPAL’s Engagement Forums 

OPAL organizes interactive forums between its members to address common issues in efforts to provide solutions to create an ideal business environment. In addition, engagement forums with international participation will be organized where companies from abroad will be invited to provide the latest technology and open business opportunities to our members with their counterparts from different countries of the world.

Advisory & Consultancy Services

OPAL provides complimentary consultancy services to its members on its Human Capital Management, Human Capital Development, Labour Law, Omanization, HSE Standards and other Oil & Gas sector related business issues.

OPAL STAR (Standards for Training, Approval and Recognition)

The OPAL STAR was inaugurated in 2017 to drive standardization and quality into the private and public training providers who provide services to the Oil and Gas sector. OPAL STAR supports the industry’s training providers by administering a centralized entity that drives standardization, efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.

The OPAL STAR provider standard creates a level playing field for training providers and demonstrates their commitment to superior professionalism, upholding industry standards, and continued learning. The STAR gradings (Gold, Sliver & Bronze) encourage continuous improvement amongst the providers and rewards them when they achieve these standards, raising the bar every time. These merits have established a credential that is recognized across the industry and trusted by operators and contractors.

OPAL Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibiting (OOGC)

The OPAL Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition is an industry recognised symposium that discusses and highlights the latest developments and directions of the industry and its current challenges and business opportunities. As part of the conference, the future of Oman’s Oil & Gas sector is discussed with important perspectives from the industry leaders.

Labour Market Intelligence Research

A research project on the Omani Labour Market with an emphasis on understanding and analysing the various qualitative and quantitative aspects of the Labour Market Trends and Labour Market Dynamics in the Oil and Gas Sector of the Sultanate of Oman. The trends cover distribution of the workforce, historic trends, and future demands while the labour market dynamics cover recruitment, hard-to-fill roles, skills shortage, staff retention, apprentices and graduates and finally training and development.

HSE Standards Publication

Health and Safety standards are developed with the intent of raising the performance standards required from all operators and contractors in the Oil & Gas industry. These standards are developed by Subject Matter Experts (SME) from the industry; therefore, they are more apt to adapt within and even outside of the industry wherever applicable. Standards that are available are Road Safety Standard, Camp Standard, Heat Stress Management Standard, DROPS Standard, Illegal drugs and Alcohol Standard and Incident Sharing Standard and Fitness to Work Standard. On a yearly basis, OPAL continues to identify new requirements for common standards and develop them for the industry benefits.

Compliance Verification Certification (CVC)

CVC is a framework that verifies the compliance of applicant members against 5 key pillars based on OPAL standards – HSE Management System, HRD Management System, Legal Requirements, Remuneration and Omanisation. The certification process assesses compliance in a transparent manner and aims to level the playing field while applying a uniform code across the industry.

OPAL helps member companies to be audited annually (at no cost) for compliance against the minimum industry requirements. Whilst compliance was once mandatory (as per MOG’s mandate) for contractors in Oil & Gas, it is now entirely voluntary for companies desiring to demonstrate compliance with the minimum standards.

The Oil and Gas Sector Skill Unit (SSU)

The Occupational Standards Centre (OSC) under the Ministry of Manpower has issued a license for Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL) to establish first of its kind Sector Skills Unit (SSU) for the Oil and Gas Sector in Oman.

The Sector Skills Unit (SSU) is an employer-led organisation that seeks to build a skills system that is driven by employer demand and provides a platform “for the industry” “by the industry” to capture the industry’s skills demand and occupational standards. The SSU will support OPAL’s efforts to bring standardisation and industry cooperation in skill development for the sector.

OPAL In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) Approval

A verification and approval scheme aiming at providing the Oil and Gas industry assurance of compliance with OPAL Road Safety Standard by the providers of IVMS services. The scheme involves careful and extensive evaluation of the IVMS devices as well as the quality of service and capabilities of the service providers to operate in Oman’s diverse conditions.

OPAL Defensive Driving Permit

The OPAL Defensive Driving Permit has been introduced to unify the standard and level of training and assessment that drivers must pass through before being allowed to drive in O&G concession areas. The OPAL Defensive Driving Permit will provide assurance of the quality of driver training as well as eliminate unnecessary costs incurred by companies for multiple trainings to meet different standards and requirements from different Operating companies.

OPAL Roadworthiness Assurance Standard Inspection Center (RASIC) Approval

Roadworthiness Assurance Standard (RAS) is a standard set by the Oil and Gas sector to ensure safety and roadworthiness of all vehicles used in the industry through a scheme of processes where vehicle examination is performed at an approved RAS Inspection centre.

Business Promotion and Marketing

OPAL members have access to the OPAL Community, Events and Publications to network with other members and players from the Sultanate’s Oil & Gas industry.

OPAL Sports Event

The annual OPAL Sports Event is a unique gathering aiming to foster sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation amongst employees (and their families) of OPAL member companies.

Business-to-business (B2B)

B2B is OPAL’s new service to its members where a transaction will be facilitated or business conducted between two members to group of members. B2B transactions focuses on the supply chain, where OPAL will facilitate the discussion between two members whereby one member company will purchase raw materials from another to be used in the manufacturing or service delivery process.

OPAL Cloud

“OPAL Cloud” is our recently launched product that is designed for Opal members that provides infrastructure solutions and also offers highly secure cloud services, platform as a service, industry software, disaster recovery services, backup services, IVMS, IOT and other required technology.