Why Your Membership Matters?

As a valued OPAL member, your organization is acknowledged as a supporter of sustainable development within the Energy and Minerals Sector. Moreover, your organization is eligible to benefit from our ever-increasing products & services. Needless to say, member companies have the opportunity to collectively influence policies affecting the industry via OPAL as the respected “Voice of the Industry”. OPAL is a non-profit organization that relies on subscription fees, contributions and sponsorships primarily from its member companies to cover operational expenses. With your continued support, we will be able to enhance our services aimed at boosting the prosperity of the industry and, more importantly, of member companies (like yours) serving the Energy and Minerals Industry. The annual membership subscription fees, whilst being nominal, are being used efficiently and effectively in creating long term savings to all OPAL members.

Please follow the instructions provided in Membership Application Form.

Once the Form is filled and all requested documents are prepared, please send it to: opal@opaloman.org

Requested documents to be shared with the Form are:

  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry registration documents;
  • OCCI Membership Certificate;
  • The company logo (JPEG, PDF);
  • VAT Certificate;
  • Cheque / deposit slip (proof of membership fee payment).
If you have any further questions, please contact us.